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United States
June 13, 2009 1:34pm CST
I love the way my body feels when I'm "eating clean": All organic, all natural, fresh, vitamin packed foods! But why is it so expensive? I mean I could eat Pop Tarts, Little Debbies, chips, soda and fast food for weeks for the same price as 1 or 2 home-cooked organic meals for two. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to save money while shopping? or even healthy recipes on a low budget?
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@ethereal1 (218)
• Australia
14 Jun 09
I think organic food (well, fruit and vegetables) is so expensive because the yield from a crop is relatively low. If the farmer isn't using pesticides and herbicides, a lot of the produce that they grow simply needs to be thrown out, or gets eaten by bugs. If you want to eat healthy food, it is always going to be more expensive, but you can save some money. Where do you buy produce? Supermarkets usually seem to have low quality produce for high prices. If there is a fresh food market near you they might be better. Also, take note of which vegetables are in season and adjust your menu to use seasonal vegetables which will be cheaper. You can also buy things in bulk, rice, dried lentils and beans etc you can buy a few kilos/ pounds and keep them in the cupboard until you need them. Using beans and tofu for protein works out cheaper than buying lean meant most of the time, but (if you are not vegetarian) I would suggest having meat or fish at least 1 or 2 meals per week because it is the best source of iron (red meat), zinc and vitamin B12.