Our continuing liberation

June 14, 2009 12:24am CST
There's a scene wherein a young man reclines on the side of a huge statue of national hero. He's serenely reading a book under its large shadow and sipping juice from a plastic cup. It's picture of peace, security and tranquility. That scene somehow shows that we in the present generation are enjoying freedom because of our national heroes who fought and died to achieve it. we're reaping the fruits of the sweat, blood and sacrifices. Last June 12, we commemorated our independence Day. As much as we value the independence won for us by our gallant forefathers from foreign colonizers, what more important today is continuing self-liberation of freeing ourselves from those things that still hold us in bondage. First and foremost is Poverty, Freedom from want or liberating ourselves from poverty should be the battle cry, especially as the country is presently reeling from the high cost of living as a result of the oil crisis. Obviously a complete eradication of poverty is not possible. We can only minimize it. Self reliance should be our ultimate goal. Another continuing liberation in our country has to address is liberation from ignorance. education empowers the poor to improve their lot in life, to rely on their own selves instead of depending on dole outs, gambling and worst on criminal acts such as holdupping and robbery. What's needed too is freedom from our negativistic traits and attitudes that hinder development of our country.
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