need to lose weight

@doormouse (4619)
June 14, 2009 1:32pm CST
I've been 3 stone overweight for the last 4yrs due to the conditions i have,i can lose weight but it's really hard and very slow.I don't eat a huge amount and i do a small amount of exercise,but i can't seem to shift the weight,i've also been on Reductil and Orlistat,i lost a stone,then when i came off it i put the weight back on.Does anyone know of any good diets of fat burning exercises i can do
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@jugsjugs (13045)
15 Jun 09
There are other ways to shift a bit of weight.A friend of mine lost weight by changing what they drank rather than what they ate.Instead of having coffee,tea and fizzy drinks she drank water.When she wanted something other than just water she added a slice of lemon with the water that way she was flushing her body and not having the intake of all the sugar.Happy mylotting.