Road Bullies

June 14, 2009 6:42pm CST
Scientists have told us that the only thing that can survive a nuclear attack and still continue breeding are cockroaches. Ne research, however, led by several hundred thousand motorist, are now willing to bet that the 8 plate and the dreaded "wang-wang" (annoying siren) can last even longer. Seriously now. How many more articles need to be written? How many more people need to be run off the road? How many LTO chiefs need to be re appointed? How many laws need to be broken before we can finally abolish this ridiculous privileged plate? Oh, but they will tell us that in no privilege attached to it. Puhleease... They must really think we have the same IQ as their plate numbers. But let just entertain that though for a moment if for no other reason except to make up minimum count. Objectively speaking, minus the dripping sarcasm, if that is even half true, what other purposes would it serve then? Honesty? It would be no different to bringing red cloth into bull's arena only to have to hire 20 men to protect you. What's the point? Why not just bring a white like everyone else?! There was a time, many, many, many years ago, where being given honor to have a government plate or symbol commanded respect from the public. But now, the only thing it really does it serve as a symbol of hate and identity you as target for terrorists something that the government has justhad to allocate another 800 million pesos to the PNP to counter.
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