Save the environment for our future generations

June 14, 2009 9:29pm CST
These days everywhere there is awareness to save the environment so that our future generations can also enjoy their lives to as we all did. It is very important to save energy, not to pollute the environment. I also want my contribution to help environment little bit. I know if everyone does this little bit,it would be a lot of help to the environment. I recycle all the plastics, cans, bottles, all recycling materials I find. I remember one of my friends never used to take new polythene bags from stores, instead she always used to carry the ones which she already had for shopping. I also try to use energy saving bulbs and light at my house. I try to use water in a controlled way.
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• United Arab Emirates
25 Jun 10
You are doing a good job! Personally, I do a lot of recycling and saving the environment myself. I use cotton bags for shopping, recycle paper, bottles cans, and other stuff, and save water too! For the people who don't save, here are some ways you can start...these are 10 simple and easy steps that someone can take to save the world:!/x6j.vd.7/1p75cu9x/ Enjoy!
@Colmuc (708)
15 Jun 09
Hi fleur, you are doing well. It is important every one does their bit. Check out the discussion I started today about my neighbour who covered his shed and garage with earth so he did not take any any part of the ground that nature can use. The photo did not upload with the discussion but I placed it with the photos under "gardening". You will appreciate what he is doing.