One of the hardest, and best things I have ever done.

June 15, 2009 1:16am CST
it took me months to finally kick the habit, and I got nothing for it. I should probably explain that I had entered a contest set up by the government of Ontario to aid smokers into quitting. We smokers would sign up and enter a draw and to claim the prize we had to be smoke free for a month. It was great, for the first week. then the cravings hit me. so I started chewing a gum that I knew would after a while just make me not want to chew it anymore, Juicy Fruit. The old kind, not that new candy coated stuff. Any way to make a long story shorter, I didn't win, and now I've been cigarette free for 11 years.
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@HelScream (2828)
• Philippines
15 Jun 09
wow that's great if only our government would have to thought of something like this then I guess at least a part of the community would probably be just like you and if there was such kind of contest then I would have joined. Congratulation my friend you have finally quit smoking , men I envy you I do need to stop this one so badly but I just dont know how. Even if I was in your place not winning that contest would not mean not winning at all I would consider myself winning a jackpot if I will be able to stop smoking hmmmm You know this one is a great idea at least I have a clue now what to do or what to motivate me to stop smoking.