Great Gift from above!

@Zaphan (711)
June 15, 2009 1:22am CST
Hey fellas! last 4 months I was struggling to find a way on how to tell on my girlfriend's parents that I got her pregnant we are over with that! thanks to all of you! we are happy to tell you that we are having two babies at the same time, we were shocked last week when we went to the obygyne to have her check up and surprisingly God Gave us those beautiful gift! we are having TWINS! and I am so happy to tell you the new! don't know if you'll be interested! but Thank GOD that he still recognize us after all the wrong things we made! that's all fellas! thank You! can somebody suggest some twin names!?
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@maximax8 (27046)
15 Jun 09
Congratulations to you on expecting to have twins. That is really special and I hope that your girlfriend's pregnancy is going well. I know a lady that just had identical twin girls. She has named them Eden Sky and Esme Summer. I am friends with a lady that has non identical twin girls called Evie and Martha. I know identical twin men called Gary and Glen. I know non-identical twin men called Simon and Julian. People say to avoid names like Jack and Jill but otherwise you could choose any names that sound lovely together. If I had twin girls I might name them Lauren and Holly. If I had twin boys I might call them Toby and Rory. If I had a boy and a girl twin I might name them Ashley and Molly.
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