What about Lanka, isnt it the same as that of Ramayan script?

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 15, 2009 3:11am CST
Do you think Sri lanka of today is the same as that of the centuries old script mentioned in Ramayana the epic! Well I do believe in the story and the same bridge has been confirmed by the explorers which was used by its sena! What do you say?
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• India
14 Aug 11
Hi it is the same Lanka as described in Ramayan, recently Nasa has released pictures of the bridge that was made by soldies of lord Rama and Hanuman. You can see this in my discussion. i have read ramayan, i have watched in tv, seen the movie too, as a hindu i am proud of our rich heritage, it is unique in the world, i think so. Thanks for sharing Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
15 Jun 09
I think that Sri Lanka must be the same as mentioned in the Ramayana. It is now more years since that was written so many things have changed. The bridge must be a special sight to see. I would love to visit it one day in the future.
@Mitraa (3188)
• India
15 Jun 09
I also accept in the same manner. Srilanka of our present times is the same land-mass as the epic 'Ramayan' says as 'Lanka'. Previously few decades back, its name was 'Ceylon'. According to mythology, this island was the capital of king 'Ravan' and his kingdom was spread upto Tamilnadu, Andhrapradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. That was why Ravan was justifying himself right for kidnapping 'Sita' from 'Panchavatee' which was with in his own territory as a matter of king's right! Also the temple of Rameshwaram, the gulf of Mannar and the bridge all are the silent evidences of the great epic 'Ramayan' by Maharsi Vaalmeeki. Thanks for this very nice discussion and have a good day with more good discussions ahead!!