Have you thought about "how you mess up so badly"?

United States
June 15, 2009 4:26am CST
I was in the process of depression, and I always sat myself alone,and thinking through how myself mess up so badly. In financially, I did manage my money wisely, and ending up in big debt. Somehow, I just have to pay my credit cards back bit by bit. In relationship, I failed miserably. I thought that person will be the love of my life, eventually I just woke up from the cruel world. How do I end up some badly in such situations?
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@med889 (5958)
15 Jun 09
This is all the consequences of past events in your life and what happened had to happen so we cannot change so much all of a sudden, we can improve our situation but little by little not just in a day or two. I had to pay my fees and I failed because my boss was late in giving me my salary I kept asking him everytime but he says that he forgot. So I missed one whole year in my life. This is life, I cried, I implored, I was frustrated but I cannot do anything than wait for the one year while I can do something else too. I was happy in my relationship with my boyfriend till the day my parents come to know and till today I have to sleep on the sofa and buy my own food because thay do not approve my love with him. I cannot lose my family an I cannot ignore the love for 3 years with my boyfriend. I heard someone said that Time is the best healer so I am waiting. But I am still confident that I will win at last.