what should i do now? i felt so sad

June 15, 2009 4:50am CST
i quarreled with my BF last week. because i found one of his daily by accident all the contents he write in the daily is about he can't forgot his last GF though they had already borken up.since that girl is his first love and they are be in together 3 years.so he felt sad when think about her. after saw this i felt so angry then i asked him whether all the words he writes all true.he said yes and apologise to me . he said he can't absolutely forgot his frist love in a short period of time and hope me understand it.but he'll adjust himself soon for me.now his love is me . he's only have a cherish of memory of that girl. though he had explaind to me but i'm still felt angry so i ingored him for a week....till today.this morning.when i buy something with my friends at the street i saw a unexpected scene.he and his last GF, they entered a restaurant together hand in hand...... i was shocked and in emotional collapse..... i don't know what should i do now.i want to break up with him and scold him loudly but i can't decided to do this as i really love he.i can't make up my mind. i treat him with true heart .....i feel i can't put him down.
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
15 Jun 09
If you love someone set them free, if he comes back he is yours if he doesn't it isn't meant to be. I think if his heart still belongs to his ex he isn't free to love again yet. When he is ready to move on be there for him but until then I would give him his space.