eye bugers

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June 15, 2009 6:53am CST
My three year old woke up this morning crying because he couldnt open his eyes. Both of them were matted shut with eye bugers. Hes also caughing and his nose is stuffed up. Can anyone tell me what it is. Is it a cold or allergies or anything else. I gave him some allergy alixer but I dont know if it will help and I wiped his eyes with a warm rag the best he would let me do. If anyone knows or has experienced this with your child can you let me know how to make him better.
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15 Jun 09
this offten happens to me but it happen to my four month old son too. For us it was allergys. We had to sleep with a air purifer for it to stop.
@doormouse (4619)
15 Jun 09
Sounds like conjunctavitus,it's quite common,my daughter had it all the time when she was younger,you just have to clean the eyes with cool boiled water and cotton wool,the doctor will give you some eye drops aswell.Best to get it checked just in case it's something else not conjunctavitus