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United States
June 15, 2009 9:41am CST
I recently quit my job. I am still feeling justifed in my decision but others say I need to learn to tolerate certain things. My belief is yo should never let anyone kill your spirit and if the only thing you can do is leave to stop that from happening then that is what you should do. I used to get up every morning and happily went to work. I loved what I was doing although my boss was very hateful. At first I just shrugged it off when she would yell and try to belittle me. She is the type of person if everything is harmonious she is not happy. That may seem kind of harsh for me to say but it is reality. I found myself working harder and harder to please her so that she would not ridicule me so but the harder I tried the worse it got. It got so bad that when I got up in the morning I no longer cared if I wore makeup and could careless what anyone thought. It affected everything in my life because I was so mentally tired of trying not to let her ways get me down that they had without me realizing. I turned from a very chipper outgoing person to blah literally. The straw that broke the camels back was when it affected my children. I would go to work sick many times running fever and vomitting it did not matter but my last week at work she went above and beyond. On Monday the school called and my son was sick he was vomitting and complaining of a headache my boss would not let me go get him and after twenty minutes of calling around and listening to her hollar at me you need to get back to work I found someone to pick him up for me. That evening i took him to the doctor and they said he just had a virus and should be fine for school on Tuesday. Well he went to school and seemed fine a little sluggish but nothing major. On Wednesday he had a headache but other than that seemed fine. About 12:00 pm she came into the room ranting and raving about the school continously calling about my son because he had fever and she had already told them I could not leave saying I needed to hurry up and find someone to go get him so they would quit bothering her. Well that pushed me over the edge and I walked out and went and got my son. When I arrived the nurses at the school were very upset said that my son had been there for 3 hours with no medicine for his fever and that they had called numerous times. I took my son to the doctor and he had strep and the flu. He was very sick I called her and told her how sick he was and she proceeded to apologize but I refused to go back to work for her. I feel good about my decision but Ia m really confused about everyone elses feelings on the matter. Is a job worth your sanity? Life is to short to live it misereably.
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@katka15 (105)
• Slovak Republic
15 Jun 09
You did the right thing. Family is more important than some lousy job with a nazi for a boss. I am the kind of person that goes to work while being sick or running a fever because I just don't want to burden any of my colleagues that would have to cover for me. My previous manager had the same effect on me as your boss had on you. She must have been a bio vampire or something. Several minutes in her presence drained all my energy. My current manager is lots better, but the job still sucks most of the time. Don't feel bad about leaving the job. It certainly isn't worth your sanity or your son's well-being. I wish you good luck in finding a better job soon. Take care.