Identify That Bird!

Lubbock, Texas
June 15, 2009 11:34am CST
For weeks I've been hearing a bird that sounds like a kite fussing at my cat. Kites are known to be very aggressive and territorial and have even attacked people walking across the Texas Tech campus, so I was a little worried about a bird attacking my old, decrepit cat. I finally saw the little bugger one day and it was a very small, slender bird (definitely not a kite) that had obviously built a nest in the tree closest to the house and was warning the cat away. The cat would sit on the porch in a position that looked like she didn't know whether to attack or run and stare at the little bird scolding her. One of my myLot buddies came to visit me this weekend and as she and my daughter were looking around at my yard I looked up in time to see that little bird dive bomb my cat as she made her way from the shade of the tree to the porch. The cat didn't move fast enough and the bird attacked again just before she went under the porch. My friend had heard the bird before she saw it and asked if it was a mocking bird and I told her I didn't know but it was driving my cat nuts. After the cat went under the porch the bird perched on the bed of my pickup and continued to scold even though the cat was out of site. My friend said "Yep! That's a mockingbird" He's protecting his nest. We didn't spot the nest, but we know where it is. Have you ever seen a bird that looked so familiar, but you couldn't identify it?
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