Mono vs Stereo

June 15, 2009 2:32pm CST
Share your views about the beatles in mono or stereo. Its universally agreed that the first four albums are best off in mono...but EMI insisted it went in stereo for CD release - and the result? A bad Beatles album ('bad' and 'beatles' should never be used in the same sentence, lol) All we can say, is that EMI gave a half-hearted attempt trying to mix the beatles' music. What are some of the flaws, or fine points you find with these stereo mixings? One of its flaws for me is that on some songs, the vocals will be isolated on one channel, the guitar will be in the middle, and the drums will be on opposite the vocals...this leads to terrible experience if your listening with headphones. Also their sound hasn't been remixed with enough base (hence we ended up with a baseless White Album) So it sounds flat and lifeless. But these are just my opinions on it. What are your views on this?
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