I just reached payout!

June 15, 2009 10:11pm CST
Hey myLotters! Before any of you think of congratulating me, I want to clarify, that I've reached payout for this ptc site called "joy-click". I think many of you have heard of it! Anw, I reached its payout ($0.02) in one day (haha), and requested for a payout straight away (since the fee for paypal is 0%) Will I get it? I'm also involved in a few others ptc sites, but so far, i'm just nowhere near to payout for anythg, anythg at all! =( haha!
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@winman (235)
• United States
16 Jun 09
You will get it in my profile is two proofs of payment so far that i've gotten i have another 10 coming in.
• Singapore
20 Jun 09
Wow. Good for you. I was unsure if it really works, so first thing, after one day when I got $0.02, I went to withdraw it straight away. But as of now, I'm not getting any results in my paypal account! =( But since you guys recommended it so, I will continue! =)