does he really care?

United States
June 15, 2009 10:37pm CST
why do ppl like to play with other ppl's hearts? when the person gives up everything to be with the other person but then finds out that person they gave up everything for isnt into her...but then he is jelouse n controlin n dont want her to do anything even thou he ignores her...n he dont want to do anything with her that she likes but then excepts her to love them when he dont love her..he excepts her to have feelings for him when he dont do anyhthing but ignore her...its like he dont care wat she wants ....
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• India
16 Jun 09
Its really hard when someone whom you cared so much turns their back on you.And also its really stupid in continuing a relation in which you don't get any respect.Any relation should be based on mutual respect more than anything else.If one doesn't care about the other then there is no use in continuing with that relation.He cant force anyone to love him.Love is something that must be earned not forcefully taken.Just as the saying 'Give respect and Take respect', you can only get someones love ONLY if you give them your love.