Land of Dreams II

June 16, 2009 12:49am CST
The continuing saga of the elven prince His staff by hs side never moving an inch His only friend in this world so vicious and mean Full of despair and grief and endless bad dreams Looking for a way out of this eternal hell Longing for a life that's good and well Stumbling and bleeding, his clothes tattered and torn A doorway beckons,come in, be warm He closes the door and climbs the stairs Door's open with girls showing their wares But one door locked, curiosity sets in He casts his last spell, the door lets him in Inside the room, he couldnt believe his eyes Full of books and dreams, all shapes and size He moves into the room to get a better look When a muffled giggle escapes from a book Following the sound, he uncovers its source A fair maiden sitting upon an old rocking horse Her childish laughter her innocent face Seemed in this world, so out of place She reaches out to him, he takes her hand Her pure thoughts dream of the land Amidst a twisting of magic and frenzy They return to the land of plenty.
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