online jobs that are really important and good

June 16, 2009 2:03am CST
"I bet that there is no solid source of income online"--this was the discussion that i posted last week, and i received mixed responses. Thank you so much to all of u who have responded to the discussion.Now I want to clarify certain points from the discussion: Some responded saying that u need to have good skills to earn online--wat skill is he talkig about? do u really need to have skills for surveys, ptc's,ad-posting,email reading??--wat u need is patience. I have no issues on that--i can spend 6-8 hrs daily, i can increase my level of patience but wat after that?? do i get a good paycheque for that?? most of them are fake and scam, the genuine sites pay in cents--even if u work for 8-10 hrs every day ,u will hardly earn 1-2 dollars--u think that is enough? My point is i can work hard,i can spend time but then I should get a good pay for that. Second thing is article writing-- i agree that is a skilled job--but that is not my kind of work.You need to be really good to become a good writer,moreover it takes some time for you to get the recognition and the pay cheque. to become a good writer u need to work really hard initially,once u get the base and then u can start earning--but trust me guys article writing is not for everyone. You can become a affiliate and earn but no one knows when??you want to start blogging--good, u can start--but is that a skilled work?? u can become a affilitate, u can start blogging but i dont know when u will start earning. If people visit your site, if they buy something-only then u get a commission-u start earning. Now my point is, i am looking for a home based job, for example:customer support-voice and non-voice. This is a skilled job--you can enjoy working and at the same time you can get a good income every month. Medical Transscription,as i said you before,it is a skilled job,requires some training and then you can start your own. You can also do HR job from home. HR(human resource) job is very easy and u can do the most of it from home. So these are the kind of jobs i am looking for now but all in vain.I am searching this kind of work from home but I am not able to get it. One more important point is that u need a small or short training for these jobs which is very easy and anyone can do it.
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