While sleeping do you close the doors of children?

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 16, 2009 3:35am CST
At night when about to sleep we need some kind of privacy and doors are closed although I meet the kids before making them the bed and saying good bye or good night. Do you close the doors?
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@pingi68 (308)
• Italy
18 Jun 09
never. i dont' like door closed. in my house i have to see all doors opened, it seems like i don't have enough air to breathe!!
@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
16 Jun 09
Yes we do, we always have, they are five years old now and they know that they are not to come out of their room till we come and get them, Now if they wake up sick, or have a nightmare they can come get us, that is different, however most the time they just call us. We also still have a monitor in the shared bathroom of our boys so we can hear them and our daughters bathroom has one as well. Just in case.
• India
16 Jun 09
Yes i do close the door before going to sleep, i do regularly check it closed properly because there is chance of theft or intrusion of insects or other animals to our home. So i feel comfortable while confirming all are shut well and gone for sleep.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
16 Jun 09
I am sorry, I don't really understand the question. Do you mean whether I close the doors of my children's rooms? No. I don't. Why should I lock them up. If they want to go to kitchen to have water, then I should not block them. If you have asked whether I close the doors of my room, yes, I close it.