Journey to the center of the earth...

@reckon21 (3487)
June 16, 2009 10:02am CST
We have conquer space. We have many human satellites orbiting around our planet. The first human being landed on the moon. That was pure milestone for space mission. I just wonder why nobody yet has succeded in trying to explore the center of the earth. No man has ever ventured before to the earth's core and beyond. Thousand miles beneath our houses lies a different world waiting to be explored. Or it's better not to explore the underground because we might not be prepared for what we might be able to find...
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@lady1993 (20691)
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
I have seen a movie- "the core", they traveled to the core through using a very strong metal [which is non-existing]- it can stand the heat o the journey..- it's a cool movie to watch if you want to see man venture into the core.. but for now i think that going to the core would be really hard since it's really hot there- and maybe the people are afraid that we might destroy something on the way...and the earth might be in great danger..
@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
16 Jun 09
I think digging deep towards the core is much more difficult than sending somebody into the space. The idea is simple, the closer you get towards the core, the more weight are over your head meaning you have to stand against even bigger pressure. And it is not joking that the pressure is so huge that with current technology we have, we don't stand a chance. Not to mention that the closer you get to the core, the higher the temperature is. So, forget it. Go to the space as it is so much simpler.