Anyone Making Good Money With Amazon?

United States
June 16, 2009 10:48am CST
I know Amazon offers a few ways to make money, such as widgets for your site/blog, as well as the aStores, and more...but can you really make good money using them? If so, which is the best? Is it better to provide individual items using widgets on your site/blog, or is it better to display a link to a full list of targeted items in your store? I've tried both, but haven't had very good results.
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16 Jun 09
Before the rise in popularity of blogging I use to do quite well from featuring Amazon products on a website which I owned. Back then I was probably getting between 1 - 5 sales a day. But since the rise in popularity of blogging and the fact that everyone seems to feature links to Amazon the amount of money I made dropped right off. It got to the point where I stopped promoting Amazon all together as I just wasn't making the money. But after reading a post from a very successful blogger who gets 50 sales a day I have started getting back into promoting Amazon again, still early days. The thing which this blogger mentioned was that he was not doing anything overly special to try and promote the amazon links, he just made sure that if there was an opportunity to promote a product within a post he would. Looking at his posts where he does link through to Amazon he favours a plain text link than using fancy widgets.
@artguy (1476)
• United States
16 Jun 09
I haven't made any money by placing Amazon widgets on my sites or blogs. I think maybe the best way to make money from Amazon is to have site that is dedicated to a certain type of Amazon product.
@salam1 (1475)
• Malaysia
5 Nov 09
this is a question that i want to ask today actually. i just put an amazon link in my blog yesterday and several hours after that i found that i have 4 items ordered. so i also want to know if anybody makes good money from amazon affiliate. as i expected, small bloggers does not make much from amazon affiliate. and also i have read that a problogger make hundred thousands from amazon affiliate (his camera review site recieved like 5000 plus visitors per day). maybe i have a very good luck..