Clairvoyant Psi Vampires

United States
June 16, 2009 9:49pm CST
Clairvoyant the ability to see beyond what can be seen with the five human senses. But what does that mean as far as Psi Vampires? Is a psi vampire simply clairvoyant? But clairvoyant psi vampires are they real? Also how do you determine what is clairvoyant and what is just a very active imagination? Clairvoyant is the ability to see things beyond sight,touch,smell,sound and taste. So in essence an extra sense or maybe its a sense everyone has and is just unaware of like the mother who is across town and knows her child is in danger. But maybe it is something psi vampires have this clairvoyant ability this ability to "see" what others can not? Now what does this mean for psi vampires in my opinion all true psi vampires are clairvoyant in some respect. What that natural respect is will very from vampire to vampire. To be a Clairvoyant psi vampire and have control over it you have to practice the skill and with that it will become stronger. I do think clairvoyant psi vampires are real? yes I do they are very real and they are everyday people who sometimes see things that are beyond disturbing. Now I am not saying that mental illness is not a possibility for some but in general its not that and can be determined easy enough. But what do you think? I also found more info here
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