Chinese college entry test

June 16, 2009 10:43pm CST
Chines collge entry test is in same ways like the American SAT, except that it lasts more than twice sa long. The nine-hour test is offered just once a year and is the sole determinant for adminssion to virtually all Chiese colleges and universities. About there in five students make the cut. Families pull out all the stops to optimize their children's scores. A student studied in a hospital, hooked up to oxygen containers, in hopes of improving their concentration. Some girls take contraceptives so they will not get their periods during the exam. Outside the exam sites, parents keep vigil for hours, as anxious as husbands waiting for their wives to give birth.
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• India
17 Jun 09
Competition is too tough .... 9 hours with or without break? The ways of studying are very insane I mean people are harming themselves for getting into good colleges. When you say that this is the only exam for admissions so what about people who can't make it. Do they not have any chance of good education and a good job after that. I really want to know about them as myself I was never that brilliant kind of stuff in studies ... keep your comments.
• China
18 Jun 09
In China, the college entry test is the most important exam for students. Because education background is the most important essential when you want to apply a job. Just like what u said, if you can't pass the exam, you will not have a chance of good education and a good job after that. So all the students and their parents try their best to catch a good score, even though it is so boring and tough and hard! Just for the future!
@ethereal1 (218)
• Australia
17 Jun 09
OMG! A none hour test? Do you get a meal break? I don't really think it is right when a single test like this determines your whole future. I can't imagine the stress and anxiety it would cause students. It does make some people go to extreme measure obviously, as you have said. I think that your grades from high school should be counted towards your college admission!
• China
17 Jun 09
Thanks for your response, and I'm so glade that u are the first one talking to me! Yes, just like what you read, in China the test is so boring but important! The are a lot of clever students in china, and they can pass the exam easily. But it is a real nightmare for those who are incommensurate! Actually, more and more peole realize that it is not right when a single test determines a student's whole future.