are u scared,what will u do?

June 17, 2009 1:34am CST
FEAR - mostly every one in this world has experienced this in some part of their life..i some times get scared when i am all alone at home in a dark i prefer closing my what do u do when u get scared? and for what all u got scared?
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@kaz_man (293)
• Australia
17 Jun 09
I am scared of heights, still am but I'm slowly getting over my fear of heights.
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• United States
19 Jun 09
If someone startles me or jumps out at me, I usually yelp or jump back (sometimes fall over!) If I am just creeped out by something, like a scary movie or weird sounds in the house, I like to have my back against something secure, like a wall or the headboard of my bed, so nothing (even my cat) can get behind me without me seeing it first. When I am creeped out at night like this, I tend to turn on my side table light and read for a little bit. That usually helps a lot!