What is your secret to keeping the weight down?

United States
June 17, 2009 2:22am CST
I have tried many different diets. Some exercise. What are you doing to maintain a good weight? How often do you exercise and what type of exercises? For me no more strict (starving myself diets) - I would just like to lose by eating healthy and exercising. I find my pounds to be very stubborn. LOL
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• Philippines
17 Jun 09
Mine is simple. Light breakfast, no lunch, light dinner. I usually drink water or fruit juice when I don't eat. I found myself in the perfect weight I've always wanted.
@vkakochu (67)
• India
17 Jun 09
From my experience,I want to share something Do daily exercise. Go for swimming Play badminton 2 -3 times a week. Control your diet and at last go to a gym.
• Israel
17 Jun 09
Measuring and planning is usually bad. It gets someone to be on alert all the time, and it is hard to enjoy such a state... You should take exercise as a fun part of your life. You should eat as much as you want, but do try to surround yourself with healthy food (i.e. less chocolate, and more vegies). I think that losing weight shouldn't be a hard and unpleasant thing. And the more pleasent it is, the more likely it would succeed.