the worst fielding positions in the cricket field

June 17, 2009 5:14am CST
hi friends.super 8 stages are over and lets talk about a fielding position that never made any sense to me. short third man and short fine leg i believe the only reason these fielding position are used is for the 4 PLAYERS INSIDE THE 30 YARD CIRCLE rule. sure there have been some fine catches in those position.i agree but its neither a boundary saving position or a single saving position. all it takes it some freaky shot and an inside edge to go to four and the short fine legs doesnt even have to move.if it is a outside edge,no work for short third man either. the 3 main functions of the fielders inside the 30 yard circle include 1.saving singles 2.take miscued catches 3.disturb the players concentration by talking to him after every ball ( optional ) all the other fielders like point,square leg,mid on,mid off,cover,midwicket fielders can save atleast 10 singles every 10 overs and even more if the ball is hit very hardly but the 2 positions i have mentioned cannot stop singles .why? first the non striker would hve covered almost three quarters of the pitch before the ball reaches the fielder so he had to go throw the ball to the non striker which is hard considering he is 15 yards away from strikers popping crease and an extra 18 yards to the non striker so a total of 30 meter which the batsmen can cross by half running.
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