FOOD..I cant find the category...What is ur fave food...what kind of food is it.

June 17, 2009 6:53am CST
I love eating, thats my hobby, tha's why from slim body i got quite chubby not that "faaat", juzt a little bit... i have a lot of fave foods,i love spices,uhm but my tastebuds juz recognize filipino foods more often,which i hate sometimes, bicol express is my fave, uhm... i love sauces, mostly soy souce and vinegar. i also love other chosen asian food sometimes. I love maki/kimpop/ rice roll. i'm making my own recipe of it. uhm...i saw it often in korean series which i am a big fan of...i am persuaded by the way they eat it seems so delicious thats why i made my self my own maki..i love it and my friends love it too...its just its so hard to prepare...but its worth it.. I wanted to know your fave food and i would like to request that you include the procedure how to cook because i love cooking, if i have all the ingredients i will cook it myself. thank you
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