how do u feel when u happen to see ur 'crash' passing very nearer to u....

June 17, 2009 12:33pm CST
I feel some different feelings during the above situations.sometimes its like my heart starts to pump 1000 liter of water from the ocean to a tank at the hill top. sometimes like my heart fell in to a vessel of ice. sometimes like somebody is just touching my heart with real love. sometimes i feel that i'm in heaven. sometimes i feel that my breath had stopped for an instant of time. How do u feel?
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@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
Hmm...when I was still in high school, I had a huge crush on this guy. And when I saw him, I really blushed and I got to perspire a lot. No matter how I tried to hide my emotions - I covered my face when he went near me, tried to act "normally", and I even avoided him whenever there's a chance - but it was still obvious that I liked him a lot. Haha!
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@jules67 (2790)
• Philippines
30 Jul 09
I remember during my younger years that whenever I see that person coming, I could not help but feel nervous about that. No matter how I try to control that feeling, it persisted. It is just funny to look back at it.