This kind of things make me loose faith in mindkind.

June 17, 2009 4:56pm CST
Like 2 weeks ago (before I started myloting, he he), one very close friend of mine called me, very pissed, and told me to access Concerned, I entered the site and searched for videos about "Take on me" (the really awesome song by A-ha), and then, in the minuted I saw the first video in the seach page, I exploded. The very first video was called "Take on me by the Jonas brothers". In my personal opinion, I HATE Jonas Brothers (nothing personal, I simply hate their music). More than angered, I opened the video so I could get a better image of what was happening. As the video went on, I just could't stop hating more and more those "so called" guys. I mean, they totally WRECKED, DESTROYED, ANAHILATED and CRASHED that awesome song I loved (still do, but not JB version). I was really annoyed by this, and there was more to come. In the comments, people posted that they had "made the song better". Are they out of their freakin' minds? I just couldn't take this, and I want your opinion on this one. Here os the link of the Jonas Brothers version: Or simply look in youtube for "Take on me Jonas Brothers" ...and here is the ONE AND ONLY, EXTREMELY ORIGINAL version, by A-ha: I would really, really, REALLY appreaciate a opinion on this one, and for the record, I consider myself really open minded, but this is messing up a really good song, and I don't like Jonas Brothers.
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17 Jun 09
It's so terrible. Honestly, I couldn't listen to more than half of it. The only people who think this version is better, are the disney loving 12 year olds that don't understand what real music sounds like. Once they get popular, there's no stopping them. Don't worry though, in a few years, the Jonas brothers will break up though, and this terrible music will just be a bad memory.
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19 Jun 09
I hate bad cover songs and bad cover bands even more. If you are going to try something different with a classic song, good for you. But if it ruins the message of the song, then really, what is the point?
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