Rights vs responsibilities... Which one comes first???

@lingli_78 (12844)
June 17, 2009 6:22pm CST
Hi all... I am just wondering which one comes first for you in your daily life??? Demanding your rights to be fulfilled first before doing your responsibilities or vice versa??? I observed that many people nowadays are always demanding their rights first before doing their responsibilities and I think that it is not right... It annoys me to some degree to be honest... For me, I always try to fulfilled my responsibilities first before demanding for my rights... Although sometimes I also do the other way round if I am not in the good mood or I dislike the person who I am dealing with... So which type of person are you??? I am interested to know how many people here are honestly doing their responsibilities first before demanding their rights... Thanks for responding and have a nice day everybody...
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@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
18 Jun 09
I think we have to do our responsibilities first before demanding our rights, though in some instances wherein the need to demand for our rights arises, maybe we set aside our responsibilities. The proper way, however is just like saying, "Obey first before you complain."
• United States
18 Jun 09
Right now in my life these two things cannot happen without the other. I have the right to live in a clean home that has a peaceful environment and is filled with the things I need and somoe of the things I want. BUT It is my responsibility to clean my home and work for the things I need and want. It is my husband's and my responsibility to make our home a peaceful and safe place. You see I see the two things as a partnership. I demand that people treat me with respect but first I show them respect. There are times when it is oposite though. When I go somewhere I expect to not have to hear yelling and arguing, I expect to not be acosted on the street. But it is my responsibility to act properly and afford others the same as what I expect.
• Philippines
17 Jun 09
This is a very intelligent discussion that most people should think about. For me, it depends on how you rank the two in accordance to it's importance and value to your life. It also depends on the scenario you are in, to what aspect these two are influencing our life, and what is more appropriate and what is next appropriate to be used in a stiuation. Most people cannot really tell which type of person they are because being able to know your rights is one way of being responsible, (but like said it depends on every situation and your philosophies in life) the two can be entagled together. Personally, i would say i'm in between, or probably both because i use them both. i know my responsibilities as a person, as citizen of my country, as a friend and daughter and i strongly believe that my rights are my rights and no one can step on it easily. I just have to deal in every situation as to when i would be more responsible without depriving my rights or vice versa.