Canadian Seal Slaughter of 2009 has officially ended!

@Loen210 (1533)
United States
June 17, 2009 9:10pm CST
The Canadian Seal Slaughter of 2009 has officially ended! I am thankful that Canada just reduced their scheduled 300,000 seals to be killed, and 200,000 were saved from slaughter. Though I know there are many who are not for and others are for the PETA organization, either way, as these poor seals were cruelly and painfully bluedgeoned, mainly for "fashion" (fur). I usually do not have the gut to handle watching any videos showing the proof of what actually goes on, if you can handle it, it shows a quick clipping, starting with a cartoon-type scene, this site features the situation at the Canada, Olympics 2010 topic. If you are not against the killing, please do not give me a negative marking. Also, if you see the site, you may have second thoughts. I am not part of either organization shown in or featuring this project, but read the article. Sending warm, comforting vibes over to the poor, furry, and sweet seals.
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