I get headache often almost everyday, what should i do?

June 18, 2009 3:37am CST
I suffer from headaches too often and this affects me in my work. Even if i take medicines it comes back the other day... Some friends told me it may be because of weak eyesight others told me stress. Why? is it according to you and how can i remedy this problem.
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@jt1981 (126)
• United States
18 Jun 09
I am not a headache expert, but this is what I have experienced. I would sometimes develop headaches at work when I would skip lunch. Maybe this is what is causing your headaches if you go for long periods without eating. Also, stress definitely can cause headaches. Anytime that I am super worried about something and just let it fester in my brain all day, I start to feel a headache coming on. If this is what is causing your headaches, you can do several things to help yourself relax. Take long, deep breaths. Work out or start walking a few times a week. Treat yourself to a massage. Take a bubble bath. Try to separate yourself from whatever person or situation causes you stress. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Maybe it's time for you to get a new prescription. Or, you could try wearing glasses for a day if you normally wear contacts or vice versa. Sometimes switching them out helps. Staring at a computer screen all day isn't good either. My optometrist told me that every hour or so I should look away from the computer screen and focus on something else, like a wall or an object on my desk. This gives the eye muscles a chance to relax for a bit and not be tensed up all day. Do you drink enough water, or too much coffee or soda? Being dehydrated can also cause a headache. Maybe you could start keeping a "headache journal," and see if you notice any patterns that may be causing your headaches. At least you would then have a record of how often you have them if you should need to eventually see a doctor for a professional opinion. If all else fails and you still get a headache, a cold wet towel on the forehead (combined with a couple of ibuprofens and a comfy bed in a dark room) usually helps relieve the pain somewhat. Hope this helps, and I hope you start feeling better.
• Mauritius
18 Jun 09
Thanks for replying. Sure the tips you have given will help me a lot. i will try them as soon as possible, bye.
@cheverlie (237)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
You need some REST. Don't torture yourself.
• India
10 Jul 09
Dear friend In todays world where there is struggle for existence at every step, headache has been very common associated with stress. Its easy to prescribe pain killer but all are for temporary relief. I cant say to avoid stress as it has been a p[art of our life. So the best way is to do some yoga practice, pranayama and meditation. If you are not aware of how to practice it, you can follow http://yogaandexercise.blogspot.com where you will find the exact procedure and benefits of yoga. Do some mudras which is very much effective for stress one of them is Gyan mudra. For details see the above link.
@ghazwan (32)
• Australia
18 Jun 09
i will tell about my experience with headache.A year ago i had a headache every day and this headache comes back even if i took medicines, i suffered this for long 3 monthes, after that i went to a doctor and he founds that i had a high blood preasure, and he told me that he will help to find the reason for this high blood preasure, and we found out it is my neck ,i have a rong situation for my head in sleeping and this hurt my neck, and according to this i correct my sleeping way and by by to painfull headache.
@med889 (5958)
18 Jun 09
I have a remedy which my grandma told me when I was suffering a lot in the beginning, she says when you wake up early in the morning before the sunrise, and when you go to the toilet, you have to make sure you do not face the sun as your head will continue to ache so I listen to her sometimes and I found it quite good enough though my dad says it is superstition. Maybe I believed in that and thats why I think it has worked out.