what is today's top discussions?

@wangkai (798)
June 18, 2009 4:13am CST
hello every one on the mylot.i have already joined the mylot for a long time.however i do not know whttoday's top discussions is .what's more,i do not knwo whether my discussions in the mylot have been listed on the today's top discussions.if you know it,then please tell me of it.thank you.good lucky to you.happy mylot.
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@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
18 Jun 09
I'm like deewinc above - I have them emailed to me each day. It's really fun, busy, when you do get on top discussions because a lot of people do the same thing have the discussion mailed to them so you tend to get more responses right after the notice gets mailed out - people that don't normally respond to your particular discussion. I used to have a friend, lordwarwizard, that was almost every day on the top discussions list - he got hundreds of responses to all his discussions. I have been on it a few times over the years but not for a long time now.
@mysdianait (64275)
• Italy
18 Jun 09
Hi wangkai! You can use the tabs above this discussion to see which discussions are top. Just go to 'today's top' and 'hot' and you will see the dicussions that are having the most success at the moment. You can go through the pages and see if yours is there too. Keep refreshing and then let us know when you see yours there among them! At the bottom of the homepage you will also see the most successful discussion for yesterday too.