Girl problems...If I cancel, do you think she`ll be mad?

@kheng69 (157)
June 18, 2009 7:18am CST
My friend's wedding is coming up this weekend. I asked a "friend" of mine to come, she initially accepted, but then two weeks ago canceled because she had to take a flight (she models), and wouldn't be back until just before the start of the wedding. I asked her to try to make it anyways, it sparked a 3 hour fight, one of the worst we've had, pretty awful things said from both sides. But we made up first thing in the morning. A few days ago, she asked if she could still come. I obviously said yes. She didn't say, but I know she canceled her photo shot for me. Now she's very excited about the wedding, she's already bought a dress for herself, and tie for me so we could match. The problem is...I think I am sick, very sick. I am trying to get better, rest, vitamins, etc. But I might still be sick come Saturday. Do you think she'll be understanding or upset? I wasn't very understanding of her before....maybe my question should upset will she be
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• United States
19 Jun 09
LOL "Friend" why would something like that spark a 3 hour match???? and if you are sick, thats not something you can help, tell her to go on and have fun. But who knows maybe you will feel better, i suggest not taking any vitamins because that doesnt make it any better. and in fact your body has to react to the sickness and the pills. Sleep and water is best. I dont know how upset she will be, my adivce is get some ear plugs so you dont have to listen to the yelling.
@Isumoney (58)
• Sri Lanka
18 Jun 09
Yeah! Try to get better! It will make something bad! Because she bought new dress and canceled shoot.So try to get better! You are the one who in the situation so you know what gonna happen.But I think it is not a good thing to miss that moment!
@med889 (5958)
18 Jun 09
Hello there! Well if you tell me that she has already bought a dress for her and everything about the wedding either for herself or for you then I fear that she will take time to consider what you will tell her and if you are really sick then she might accept but still she will talk about it later on after you get well.