Dreaming by the dreamer for positive constructive purpose

June 18, 2009 9:13am CST
When a individual work hard in day to day life say for a time he needs rest, for his life constructive activity. So human being used to work hard for the day time and after hard work he needs rest in the shape of sleep which can be invegorate the individual for their nextday time task. cerain psychologist points out that when an individual have resting sleep, he used to dream his future plans in positive constructive manner of his future that individual become sucessesfull.when comparatively a person have negitive/distructive deams, he seemed to unsucessesful. It has been stated by certain psychologist that when an individual have all positive sucessessful attitude towards self, fellow-being in his society he certainly become sucessessful. when every thing fail, one should sought for the Divine guidence where in that individual never fail. seasons greetings and all the best wishes.
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@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
18 Jun 09
hi Mohiddin basha, your discussions is very good, thank you
• India
19 Jun 09
Thank you very much. But actually what happend, when a normal person after days hard work wants to sleep.His inner being, which was disturbed before going to bed. You might have heard about that the person is having 1. Concious= when a person wake up position, 2.un-concisous = when a person/individual, seems to have sleep. 3.subcouncious: = this is time between wakeup stage and going sleep stage. when a individual full awaken state, he heard verious some thing. when a individual having little rest after hard work., they will feel the current hobboys easly have dreams, he will having dreams, where some persons positive and some other going to take rest. when a person very much impressed by the situations he come across., the individual will be-getting draems. when a individual may be in condition to take my it may be ables dreams in those set of satteing.