Danielle Steel

@savypat (20246)
United States
June 18, 2009 1:42pm CST
Has anyone read Danielle Steel's new book, Matters of the Heart? Is it my imagination or is she getting better. For many years I just thought she was writing the same story over and over again, only the names and locations would change. But I only read her when I was in a mood for that story. The last couple of stories have seemed to have more depth to them. Let me know what you think?
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@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
19 Jun 09
i have read a few of danielle steel's books but i really loved them. i dont think the thought of the stories are all the same. all that i have read are just as exciting and full of adventures. others made me teary eyed. well, i get to be emotional when i read books and stories. even when i listen. yeah, you can call me a softy lady. hehehe. because books can easily make me cry, and angry, and heroic... like i get into the characters of the people in the book.
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@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
18 Jun 09
This is a really good discussion,and I know that reading is really important in everyday life,because it is a good way to broaden the mind and learn new things that you might not have known before,and it is also a good way to pass the time when you are extremely bored,or when you have nothing to do,like on those extremely cold and rainy days where you do not want to leave the house for any reason whatsoever,and I know that everyone has different books that they like to read,some people might like some genres while others do not,and some people might like certain authors while others might not,and I can understand that everyone thinks differently since everyone has different opinions,and ideas,and no two people usually think the same which is good,because it makes us all different,my mother is a huge fan of Danielle Steele and she has almost all of her books,and each time she comes out with a new book she always gets it,and I do not think she has her newest book Matters of the Heart but I am sure she is going to get it and read it,and I can almost bet she will like it,because she has never not liked a Danielle Steele book,and me and my fiance have never read her books,but she does seem like a good author,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals,and Happy Posting.
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• United States
24 Jun 09
I have not read that book yet, but it is on my list of books I read from her. I love her books. Yeah I have noticed that some of her books seemed to have similar names with the characters. I remember reading two of her books back to back and they seemed similar in nature when it came to the characters. The stories were not similar but the characters were.