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United States
June 18, 2009 4:19pm CST
Ok I have not been focusing on my weight loss goal of late. But I cooked a roast beef for dinner last night. along with the roast I made steamed veggies and white rice. Well I have not been eating a lot of starches or a whole lot of beef. Now I am feeling sick. Have you even cut back in something and then found your self feeling sluggish and sick on the stomach after eating what you have cut back on?
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@berlong (227)
• United States
8 Jul 09
You might have become sluggish due to the lack of red meat AKA IRON, so you may be anemic and not even know it. If you are going to cut any food out of your diet completely you really should take a daily multivitamin. You may have just over eaten and not have noticed it. Good luck with your weight loss goal and remember, cutting out foods is never really ideal, but to have portion control and to incorporate exercise into your daily life! Good luck!
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
Temptation is my biggest problem that why I'm not successful in losing weight. Like what happened last Wednesday when my sister bought ice cream I can't control myself not to eat too much. I need to lose weight because of my hormonal imbalance which cause my heavy bleeding for 2 months. Now my hormones is back to normal so I think I need to add more vegetables and fruits to my diet so I could not experience that again. I learned my lesson when I gained so much weight right now I need to exercise a lot and control myself not eating too much.
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• India
19 Jun 09
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