The goodness of Honey!

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 19, 2009 3:08am CST
Honey has been known since ancient times to be good for us. We use it as bread spread or take it as such! My kids like it the most! It is also used as to make your face soft and smooth when applied on face. The mixture of honey, curd and little turmeric works wonders for women!
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@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
21 Jun 09
I find that very intersting I am sorry for not getting back to you right a way but I wanted to tell my friend about it. cd
• India
19 Jun 09
honey is the most sweetest thing produced by the honeybees and the insects. some of the floral sources are also avialable so honey bees absorbs the honey from that flowers.Honey is considered is to be a myriad medicinal values t contains healthy substances such as carbohydrates,vitamins, minerals and also vitamin B and C. It contains also some of the most important enzymes which is used for helping the digestion in our body. To get relief from the cough mixed the honey with the lemon juice and eat it. It will cure the cough.