Our Boxer puppy will be one in July and we want to breed him.

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June 19, 2009 7:04am CST
Does anyone know what all goes with the breeding rules? (Private breeding, I guess you would call it.)We want to do this not as breeders, per say, just for a little extra cash, but we do not want to be breeding with just anyone's Boxer that is just going to sell their puupies to just anyone, without screening them. We do not want to partake in puppies going to homes where they will not get the care they need. How do we go about doing this, offering our Boxer as stud? Or does anyone know where to find this info online? He is a beautiful fawn, mahogany (sp?), with white on his nose, chest and feet, and a black mask. :o) I know that we should ask for proof of shots and stuff like that so that we know that our male is not going to breed with a female who may be sick or something like that, but I am not sure if we can legally stud Taz out or do we have to get licenses? Or anything else that goes along with this.
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22 Jun 09
Hi,You don't legally need anything to put your Boxer to stud, but there some important rules that are considered morally and ethically essential. It is very expensive to health test your dog, which must be done before studding, so you will have to spend a lot of money before you can make any. First, is he registered? If not, you should check out how much people are willing to pay for a stud with no papers, it will probably be less than you expect but you may find it still worth doing, especially if you want to keep one yourself. Second is to get him health tested. Now this is an essential, even if your boy is healthy he could still be carrying a genetic defect that could be passed on to his puppies. Boxers MUST be heart tested before breeding as they are prone to heart conditions. This will obviously cost you but it has to be done. Next is to get his hips scored, again essential even if he himself is fine, also very much part of good breeding practice. Good owners also like to have the dogs eyes tested. This may well cost you near a thousand dollars but it has to be done before any money can be made from his stud fee. Some people stud their dogs without doing these tests, but if you've ever met someone with a two year old dog crippled and in agony with hip dysplasia you will understand why it is so important. You obviously care a lot about the future puppies you will be creating, sadly some people don't!Third, once his health tests come back clear is to find a breeder who can show you the correct and safe way to handle a stud dog during mating. It is certainly not as easy as most people think, dogs can be seriously injured if the mating goes wrong, and do you know how to aid your dog and the female if needed? It's really important that you learn how to properly handle you stud, for his safety and the safety of the female, and also anyone using him as a stud will expect it from you. After this you will be ready to go! Ideally you want to find a female that has also had the necessary health tests, but the real essential is a swab before mating just to make sure she doesn't have any disease that can be given to your boy. It is really difficult and expensive to get started if you want to do it properly, which is why sadly most people don't, but it will be very rewarding for you to see your boy sire his first litter in the knowledge that they will all be healthy, long lived pups. Good luck!
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23 Jun 09
Hi Kiro77, Thanks for answering this discussion. You are very helpful. :o) We are scheduling all of the tests with Taz's Vet. Yes, it can cost a lot for tests, but it is worth it to make sure dogs live a long and healthy life. And like you said, we will earn some money to help pay back costs, but the biggest part is knowing, in our hearts, that we did everything morally and ethically right in this process. We have taken in a couple of Boxers that had been abused and/or neglected and it is sad to see. The more stress a Boxer (or any dog or other animal) endures is going to affect their health in a negative manner. Taz will be AKC registered next month. We do not know what to charge for the studding, but will ask some people who do this. I am going to contact some breeders, too, and see who will show us how to do the breeding sessions, hopefully for a low price, but one never knows. We have to learn as much as possible, for the safety of the dogs. Thanks so much for your help!
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