is it just me?

June 19, 2009 9:15am CST
Kentucky Fried Chicken was once a treat that I looked forward to, because it isn't something we would buy very often, but now it sux. It has become dried up, hardly any chicken on even the leg, and buns are dry these days too. Have you noticed this, or is it just my imagination?
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@nimsaj28 (32)
• Philippines
16 May 11
Sorry about that,here in the Philippines,we also have KFC. It's one of our favorite place to eat when we dine outside.. Their chicken is absolutely perfect and it really tastes good!
• Australia
20 Jun 09
i find everything at KFC enjoyable, except the one thing they are famous for, THE CHICKEN pieces. Absolute disgrace that they have no quality controller stopping dried up pieces from going on sale. i have said to a manager on one occasion that i was unhappy with the chicken they were serving me, rather than just exchange it to keep me happy, he asked, 'what exactly is wrong with it'? no need for my reply, i just left the store.
• United States
19 Jun 09
We just had KFC last week. I like the new grilled chicken. It tasted like I just grilled it outside. My husband isn't too happy with their new ordering menu. He said it's very hard to read when ordering from the car. He was also disappointed that they didn't have corn on the cob anymore.
@mz_Ira (1091)
• Philippines
19 Jun 09
hmmmm sorry to hear about that my friend...surely is not appetizing to eat when it looks like that. Chickens here in KFC looks perfectly fine and tastes good .much more when its eaten right away while its hot with a rootbeer drink..