What is your most embarrassing moment?

@bcom92 (116)
June 19, 2009 9:56am CST
my most embarrassing moment was when i was in middle school, it was year 7 and i was in my french class, as i sat down i noticed my chair was a bit broke..any way so the teacher asked the class a question and i shot my hand up leaned back slightly on my chair and the legs broke off!!! not only did that happen i pulled the table down with me too!!! the whole class was in fits of laughter!! even my teacher laughed!!...it was funny though i just laughed it off.
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@iwinagain (546)
7 Jul 09
lol A similar situation happened to one of my classmates. lol There was a big table and chair near the door, it was not lined up in a row like the rest of the desks and chairs. It was break time and the person who sat at that big table went out the class to take a break, and then one of my classmates (he was regular sized, not fat) sat on the big table while he was talking to his friend and then all of a sudden the table broke, the top part fell down and he almost fell to the ground but didn't. When the person came back from his break, he was like "what happened to my table"? lol The teacher had to borrow a desk and chair from some other class so he could sit. Some of my classmates who saw that happened laughed. I was holding my laugh the rest of the school day, I almost burst out laughing a few times in class but didn't want to do that because I didn't want people staring at me like I'm crazy.
@bcom92 (116)
7 Jul 09
lol sounds like you had fun lol.
@nympha687 (940)
• United States
19 Jun 09
I had lots of embarrassing moments I wouldn't want to remember,lol.