why we hate some of our teachers?

@kaorulen (258)
June 19, 2009 10:26am CST
i hate a teacher whom so strict a teacher who doesn't accept the point of view of the student, on which the teacher always claims that he/she is right. and the student is wrong even though the student is really right.and some teachers are so unfair right?
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@mkmoney (468)
19 Jun 09
this is very true we hate teachers that are strict but there is a limit to being strict and wen they go too far thats wen you hate them, also i hate teachers that are not fair to students, like they help some students and not everyone, but you can understand wen they dont help ones that dont listen but dont helpin good students is very unfair, i dont have that many teachers in my college but i did back in school, this made me skip school some times because there was no point of going if i aint gana get help wen i need it. anyways happy mylotting.