Free educating program for early age kids

@Zhizho (1352)
June 19, 2009 10:52am CST
Hi there.I am teach in free school for early age kids especially from poor people.dificult to believe untill this era,there is still people or parents who doesn't concerned/care about educating for their kids.There is free school but they have no desires to ask they kids learn.Even they kids want.Don't they want to change their fate by looking at their children become smart and successful?what do you think? I want to know your opinion.Thanks.
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@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
19 Jun 09
There are lots of reasons why parents are not concerned about having their children schooled at an early stage. For one, they don't have time to prepare the kid and his/her needs to school maybe because they have other more pressing matters to do such as the household works or jobs to provide just enough food for the family. There are also those who are a little bit shy and are worried that their kids might become problem at school. And believe it or not, there are also those who don't think children should be writing or reading books while they have lots of things to learn and explore in their homes or in their environment.
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
21 Jun 09
Thanks for your opinion.Yes,you are right eichs1.I try to understrand it.But,educating program here I mean especially for poor happen in my living area.There is free school front of their eyes but why they are not make use the school.Only two hours in one day.twice in week.Learning and playing can do in house.But these activity with guidence from a professional more better.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
12 Jun 10
Well educating kids is the best charity. And its like lightening up the whole country. As young kids are future growth of the country.