10 Rock Starts (Classic or Modern) you'd like to get stuck in a lift with?

June 19, 2009 12:21pm CST
I was just looking at some article, and looked at a link to someting like thins. I was wondering what 10 Rock Stars Old/New you'd like to be stuck ina lift with? Heres my 10: 1. David Coverdale 2. Alice Cooper 3. Brian Johnson 4. Angus Young 5. Ronnie James Dio 6. Blackie Lawless 7. Geezer Butler 8. Roger Glover 9. Ritchie Blackmore 10. Jimi Hendrix It'd be weird but aweosme to be stuck ina lift with these lot. Yeah Hendrix isnt alive, but it is purely Hypothetical. I suppose these lot, and among others, as they ahve a great Knowledge of the business and eachother, and would be great in a conversation about music, their influences, about their influence on others, tips on certain things, and will generally be great. Having some of the best singers there, innovaters, some of the greatest Bassists (Geezer cos of Black Sabbath and Roger Glover because he is also awesome (Deep Purple, Whitsnake, Rainbow, and the fact that he and I are both Welsh), Angus and Brian cos their AC/DC as well as various stories each persona can give and their knowledge...... What about you?
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@dogsnme (1266)
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19 Jun 09
Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, any of the six members of Iron Maiden, and any of the members of Queensryche. Ok, I know that's more than 10 but they're all members of my three favorite bands.
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