June 19, 2009 6:56pm CST
is ok ?
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• Philippines
20 Jun 09
It depends on what you are going to do with your computers, what applications will you install in it. I think if you are just planning to surf the internet and don't play computer games that required high specification and is 3D pentium processor is ok especially for students who only use the internet and word processor for their assignments. But if you are a designer and programmer I suggest that you buy core 2 duo processor or quad core processor .
23 Jun 09
verry good pentium
@cwachid (160)
• Indonesia
20 Jun 09
Yes, I am agree. Intel company has develop some ranges of processor product. My concern just to fit on my budget only. That's reason, I have choose on Celeron-BYON (my kid), Pentium M-IBM (private) and Centrino-IBM (Working) for all of my laptop. So far, There is no issue related on those processor. I am running with Microsoft Xp-Home, Xp-Professional, and Ubuntu 8.04. Especially, the Celeron 1,8 GHz and 1GB Ram running faster on Ubuntu 8.04 software.