Has your boyfriend/ girlfriend ever cheated on you ?

United States
June 19, 2009 9:01pm CST
The one thing i hate in this world is lying cheaters . The guy that chetaed on my did it over 3 years ago . I was listening to the radio this morning and the station i listen to calls people when there boyfriend / girlfriend thinks they are messing around . Evertime the giy or girl sends roses to someone other than there girl friend or boyfriend I start freaking out and yell and cuss at the radio . The people in the cars next to me must think I am crazy ...lol ....How do you find out you were being cheated on and what happened next?
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• United States
20 Jun 09
My ex husband cheated on me multiple times. I had to do my own private investigation to get him to admit. He is living with one of his mistresses now and they are having problems :).
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
20 Jun 09
Yes,before this my ex-boyfriend ever cheated me by have other girlfriend.Luckily,I found his cheating earlier and it dont suffer me too much.Now i got new boyfriend and have a happy life even i still cannot forget my ex-boyfriend because we also have sweet memories together.Maybe i will forget he soon.Have a nice day and happy mylotting.Thank you.