My Personal Review of WorkFor3Dollars on MyLot is #1 Google Return

WF3D June 09 Payment - This was my latest payment proof from WorkFor3Dollars.
@trinale (1480)
United States
June 19, 2009 10:39pm CST
Yep it's true! I was browsing through the WorkFor3Dollars member area this evening and noticed the "Payment Proof" link at the bottom of the page. When I clicked on it, I was suprised to see my own personal review sitting right there number 1 out of 4,300 search results! You can see it for yourself here: I thought I'd post my June payment proof to show my progress so far. It was quite there for awhile, but I think things have really picked up since they've change the focus from making money to list building. Every good online marketer knows the "money is in the list!" So far, I've added 386 new leads to my contact list and nearly all of them actually read AND reply to my emails. Just thought I'd share this with you all. Cheers, Stan
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29 Jan 10
I am sending you a freind request as I would like to connect with someone who gets success from WF3D before joining. Please reply soon, eh?