He lives without food and water for more than 15 years!

June 20, 2009 1:18am CST
Hope you all know about Yoga. If not, then try to know. Because, it's really powerful. I'm so proud to start this discussion on Yoga because, it was developed in my motherland and it has great power. Here is an illustration to show its power. A man(almost a sage) in India was surviving for more than 15 years Without Any Form of Food and Without Water. Can't believe this? It's 100% true. It's been verified by Discovery Channel. Scientists say that there is a critical period above which a person can't survive without water. They wanted to test the man. They put him in a room with all facilities except food and water. Everyday, they gave him a tub of water to take bath. But, they measured the water content before and after his bath. They confirmed that he didn't take any water. After that critical period, he was checked thoroughly. There was no problem in his body. He was perfectly alright. Later he revealed the secret. It's yoga which made him do this. He used yoga to gain energy from sunlight. He used solar energy as a substitute for energy from food. That's the power of yoga! There a lot of illustrations to showcase the power of the great Yogasana. This is one such evidence!
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• China
22 Mar 10
when i see your post,i have to say nothing is impossible.there is always something that make people feel incredible.i have learned Yoga for more than a year,i absolutely don't achieve this supernatural level.there is a joke:if he can gain energy from sunlight by Yoga,i doubt he can photosynthesize like plants.ha-ha
• India
26 Mar 10
May be! There's nothing supernatural in this. According to me, Yoga is something which relates you with nature; It merges you with nature. It transforms you from a materialistic creature to a pure, kind hearted human being....
@med889 (5958)
13 Aug 09
I know about yoga and I have also heard about the one living without food and water for 15 years, at first I did not want to believe it but then when I came to knwo that this is the truth I was a bit puzzled as is something a bit unbelievable, yeah I know the Yogasana which is very powerful in itself.