Travelling with stroller.

South Korea
June 20, 2009 2:05am CST
Has anyone travelled with a baby stroller? IF yes then what kind did you use? Does every airline have a different regulation regarding travelling with an infant?
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@maximax8 (27045)
20 Jun 09
My son is now two years old. The airlines didn't mind the strollers I used but they had to be folded. The first time my son was four months and we flew to Portugal. He had a Sport stroller that had five positions. It was bulky and folded up large. It had a demanding time on all those cobbles. It broke and my sister gave me a lightweight stroller suitable for babies over six months. That was a delight to fold up in did so in a umbrella style. We took it to Latvia but it broke a few days from the end of our trip. My son was thirteen months then. I had to go to a shop in Estonia and buy a new stroller. It was similar to the previous one and folded up in the same way. That broke last week and luckily I have a Phil and Ted three wheel buggy ready for my new baby and my toddler son. I will have to purchase a carry bag for it before getting a flight or the airline might refuse it.
• South Korea
20 Jun 09
Thanks maximax8. My little boy is going to be 10 months next week and I find it convenient for us to bring a stroller along. Ours is a three wheeler, it can be folded but it weighs quite a lot. I hope the airline wouldn't mind about its weight.
@maximax8 (27045)
22 Jun 09
A three wheeler is great for traveling. I expect that the airline will be fine about the weight. Ten months is a charming age for traveling. In Cape Town I met a couple with a seven month old baby. They had a hire car and had bought few large accessories for her second hand. I hope that you will have a lovely trip.