Do you allow your child to watch Mr. Bean?

@tkleyr (406)
June 20, 2009 4:35am CST
Do you allow your child to watch Mr. Bean? actually Mr. Bean movie and series is a nice one, very entertaining and funny especially for the child...but in my part i really prohibit my daughter to watch any Mr. Bean movie because i noticed that every time she watch Mr. Bean she's also acting like Mr. Bean,,she don't talk sometime and just doing this crazy sign language, or pretending that her teddy bear is teddy the one that Mr. Bean have,,,which is not good so the first thing i did is having a no tv policies then i buy her some educational stuff which can enhance her intellectual ability,so my advice to all mom's and dad is instead allowing your child to watch movie like Mr. Bean is switched it into some educational stuff like children books which can help enhance their intelligence,,because sometime tv can also be harm to the brain development of our child.
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• Philippines
15 Oct 12
yes. I allowed my child to watch the movie of Mr.bean because the movie is a very nice and very funny of course specially for the child,,for me cause if you want to watch the movie of Mr. bean, all your problems will take out, even he did not talk,if you can see the face of Mr. bean he was always crazy..
@bluerlyn (139)
• Philippines
20 Jun 09
its funny so its okay, especially if you already have grown up kids, but if you have youngsters who are learning how to talk, i guess i wont recommend it.
@lolislol (82)
• Finland
20 Jun 09
Tv can be a harm, but sometimes also a enhancement, if there is not too much of tv, i think it doesn't do any harm.
• United States
20 Jun 09
Sure, I allow my kids to watch Mr. Bean. My oldest child appears to love physical comedy, and Mr. Bean is pure physical comedy. I think that mimicking things seen on TV, in a book, or in movies, is something that is more tied to a child's personality than a particular character, though it might also have to do with the personality of the character as well.